Thursday, February 4, 2010

Name Change: NEW

OK, so I changed the name of my Lil Urban House on the Prairie. I do live on the prairie sorta....just in town.

Haleigh has discovered reading for pleasure and is reading the Little House series...While we were socked in with our snow...I re-read "The Long Winter" only to remind myself...I don't really have it that bad.

Sometimes I'm glad for the "Urban" part of my life.

I do understand Pa's sense of urgency in that book...he couldn't put his finger on it, but knew it would be big.

That's how I feel....I cant put my finger on it...but it will be big.  Our dollar is collapsing slowly and like anything that caves can only go slowly to a point....imminent collapse eventually comes.  The printing of all the monopoly  money can continue but hyper-inflation will be HORRIBLE.

It's funny how we get lulled back into "sheepleness" but we do.

There is soooooooo many things I need to do..making cloth napkins comes to mind...but just LOTS of stuff I need to do to make us more self reliant.

I did get my spinach flat and cauliflower and broccoli started and they are under their little grow light...  They are in my living room giving that room a lil touch of my hillbilliness...

If you doubt the hills are coursing through my veins....check out Weed and Mayhill, New's modernized now but about 50 miles from anywhere up in the beautiful Sacramento Mountains....My cousin Marlys claims that "hillbilly" has a negative connotation...she says I should use "mountain folk" instead. LOL

 I continue to read and re-read all my seed catalogs as if to will spring to come.  I have a good little supply of seed (not all heirloom) and would like some more to fill in a few gaps.

Our weather man (Doppler Dave) out of Amarillo predicts more snow at the first of the week and then again next Thursday...sigh....I need to remind myself that this moisture will cut down on prairie fires.  I live on the north side of town and I'm about 1 minute from farms and prairie grassland....

Now I'm off to work on my lists of lists....I hope you get some done on yours too!



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  1. I just love the new name, and am so jealous you can start seeds already! Still have a long wait ahead of me :(