Thursday, January 28, 2010

Life Happens

Ok, we've all done sooooooo much living since my last post.  Sorry...Sometimes FaceBook , I mean LIFE...just happens!.....LOL

We've had all of Randi's tests...and hadnt heard one darn thing from one darn doctor...Except....he called to cancell on his appointment without 24 hours notice.  Hmmmm...Wonder if he'd like to re-imburse ME?  That seems to be doctors rules these days.

We had my mom's 70th was a; 

Scott's school has started back this semester and he's taking Tools 101 and a Hydrolics class....massive amounts of lab-times on his part....I guess I'll see him in 16 weeks when the semester is over.

The girl's home-school co-op has started too!  Randi has a "public speaking" class and a kickboxing  (aerobics)She's been working diligently on her first speech...a narrative speech on The Persecuted Church.

Haleigh's in a Geography class.  It will prove to be interesting.

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