Friday, February 5, 2010


I forgot to blog that I had a letter published in the URBAN FARM  magazine.  I was shocked when Lynn of Viggie's Veggies  popped up one day and said.....they published your letter....SHOCK AND AWE ensued!
Who knew that my email to them would end up in print?...It's really such a good read for people like me...Urban Farming is DOABLE!  Will I be  as self sufficent as the Devraes? or other famous urban farm girls?  not likely.  Will I be as self sufficient as my friends Dilli and Manthing at Frugal Homesteaders?....oh my heavens NO...for a multitude of reasons. But anyway...I've had my 15 minutes of fame or what I consider MY fame.  
Now that I had a letter published of my wish for a VICTORY GARDEN to honor my soldier son and airman son-in-law, now I want to take a picture of them in it!  How cool would that be to send in as a follow up? 

I leave my copy remind myself...I wanna be an Urban Farmer too...if nothing else to supplement the ever rising cost of my food.

Hurry Spring....

Here is my cabbage, broccoli, and spinach flats that I've started....I'm very anxious.
(I hung up the light...don't worry :)  )

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  1. OH a followup picture would be awesome! And I like your egg carton trays! :)