Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Our Long Winter

Haleigh has been busy reading Little House on the Prairie series.  She just finished "The Long Winter".  The whole time she reminded me of how this has been our Long Winter....she's right!  We've had snow and cold for ever so long...we are all sick of it.

We are complaining now on a daily basis.... *sigh*....

Trouble is...EVERYONE is having snow...last week, all 50 states had snow in at least one place.

What does one do when cabin fever strikes? Well we planted some seeds to replace the ones that didn't come up before.  Cabbage, broccoli, and some brussel sprouts have started to pop their lil heads up!...Yay

Insert the mad scientist laugh here.............
I've started lettuce seeds, several different ways....I've had so much trouble starting seeds so I'm bound to figure out WHY they keel over so quickly.
According to all my research, cold weather crops start growing when the ground temperature is 40 degrees.  Last Saturday the ground temp was 47.2...that screams practically screams SPRING!  No wonder spring fever has attacked!

How can I ever have an URBAN GARDEN if spring doesn't come?  It will come...that I'm certain.  I'll just keep planting more seeds while I watch the snow.....again.

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