Friday, February 5, 2010

Becoming "Ma"

As I will spring to hurry up, I've been reading the Little House books along with Haleigh.  I've noted that Haleigh is enchanted with Laura as we all are when we read these wonderful chapter books.  However, I've been re-reading about "Ma" because now....eeeeek I'M THE MA!

How smart Ma was to be as creative as she was!  She made mock apple pie out of green pumpkins, knew to grind their hard wheat in Pa's coffee grinder, made all the meals come out just right when they moved into the surveyor's house using the provisions already laid in (by men no less).  Not to mention all the other "just right" things she did during all those Christmases?  And the Schooling?.... Fourth Reader   Check that out!...these "readers" had to be memorized before and that's not even the math (done on a slate and in your head no less)

Sewing, washing, and IRONING? gasp...the thought of ironing makes me wanna have a lil breakdown...and the wood stove and SWEEPING ...

Reading all these books with Haleigh makes my head swirl; not in the way of a little eight year old girl reading about Laura and her adventures, but ma...YOU ROCK.

So...Ma has me thinking...I need to be more resourceful, grateful, creative, spiritual, and patient. (not necessarily in that order)

So now, in the interim between winter and spring....I think of "becoming ma"...I'm so thankful I can be Urban Ma while I can.  But in the back of my mind I look at our world and think to myself I'd better learn to be more like the pioneer ma....while I can.

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