Wednesday, December 16, 2009


This year the Christmas know the CRUNCH for time, CRUNCH for family,CRUNCH FOR the almighty dollar is here once again.

I have been lucky and/or practical and am making a few things to tuck into baskets instead of wrapping every single gift.  Cello bags are still cheap but I should pick up a few for next year when they go on sale.

I was able to make a large 2 lb bag of dried homemade noodles for close to 68 cents.  Never underestimate the appreciation of some homemade stuff.

For a little more (but not much) I've made several batches of "Evil"....popcorn covered with white cant see the chocolate so it is a little deceiving.  It truly is evil...cuz you cant stop eating!

I've also made a blend of coffee to give to the men in my life...half columbian/half breakfast's smooooooooooooth.  We are also gifting a coffee grinder or two....

Since Charlie just got to AFG....I'm sure his box will be late...I just now have an address.  I am mailing him a cute photo or two....wallet size of course.

I've already begun my Resolution List...I'm not calling it a "New" Year's Resolution List...because know...that usually poops out about Feb 17th.

 I was a little distressed to see Scott bring home 6 doughnuts for more than $2 from our local Chinamart....sweets such a doughnuts needs to be on my resolve list...I'm sure you are saying "why dont ya resolve to stop eating sweets?"  (I know who you are! LOL)....that wont happen unless of total economic collapse I'm sure.

I've also resolved to STOP this wrapping frenzy!  I'd like to make "gift" bags of cloth to put gifts in next year.  When I will get this yet to be determined.

I am skeptical that our economy will not be as stable next year....(stable?....what a laugh) 

I'm so fortunate the lils really truly had a short list and if we would have had to do so we could have chosen not to give a few presents that we picked up.  I cant tell you what they are...since the lil girls read this "blob" on occassion.

I've also decided to upload my thumbdrive to my photobucket account because I have been using TONS & TONS of space on this computer....I need to get into the habit of deleting unnecessary photo's....I hereby do resolve.  I'm giving some photo's to some friends and family...I hope they like them...I'm sure they will.  I've also got a "freedom" wall started and so I'm collecting some photos for that and I think I'll put some photos on my piano!....I'm using cheap black frames and they will look awesome.

I'm hoping this Christmas Crunch has passed you by and you are more organized than I.  I hope to have some more "frugal moments of clarity" and hope you can use a few of mine. 

I wish you a Merry CHRISTmas!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

More tree photos.


Holiday Prep!

We spent the evening putting up the tree!  It will look better later when the presents are under it!  We had fun.

Garden Tracker Software

Prepping and Strong Women

A few years ago when I thought....I want to be a prepper.....that I would become one....It is my opinion now that I've studied foods, food storage and food preservation that prepping is not a's a way of life.

Prepping for me is not prepparing for Nuclear Holocuast, Zombie land, or militia uprisings.  Heck I didn't even know what a zombie was until 3 years ago. (I can't believe people really believe in zombies, but whatever) nor do I believe in Soylent Green situations.  So what in the world would make me wanna be a prepper?

I look at all the women in my life: my mom, her mom, her sister,  her were they strong women!  Not so much physically although they had all done their fair share of picking cotton!  They were women who had an inner strength that still continues to amaze me.

They were depression era women and as I look at our own economy I began to question if I had the same kind of determination and inner strength that all the women in my life had.  And quite frankly I was sure I did not.  I wrote a list of all the things that they did that I admired.  It was my admiration list.  A recurring trait that all of these women had were: good cooks, good gardeners, good food preservationists, creative cooking, thriftiness and frugality, a sense of style, wonderful housekeepers,  a terrific sense of humor, and the ability to be good and dear friends to their communities.

The only thing that I knew that I could do out of that list was:  I have a great sense of humor and I was a good friend who was reliable.

Aaaack!  that's a little disheartening when it was all put into black and white. 

Now while I'm not a BAD cook, I didn't consider myself an above average cook.  I had never seriously gardened.  The odd tomato or squash plant did not count as serious gardening.  I didn't know how to can or make jams and jelly, heck I didn't even know how to make pickles.  Well and for being a creative cook....NOT! nor was I thrifty or frugal.  Style....I had none when it comes to home decoration. Housekeeping?....a drudgery....but a necessary evil.

So since I am an avid student and research oriented person, I set out on my journey.  To become an above average must practice.  Creative cooking will come.  I've also learned to do a OAMC (Once a Month Cooking) that I practice in the fall/winter.  It sure is nice to take something outta the freezer everyday and not wonder what I'll have for supper....but that's a whole other post topic.

I planted a garden and had a blast.  I loved it so much I enlarged my garden.  I loved that so much that  I enlarged it once more! 

And things that have come out of my garden I learned to preserve in some way.  Dehydrating has changed my life and the things that I keep in my well stocked pantry.  It's fun, and almost magical.  I learned to make jams and jelly and I can make pickles taste just like my grandmas garlic pickles.

I've learned to be thriftier and frugality has not been too painful.  It's been a challenge and I think I've done well.

As for's a work in progress...some paint, rearranging of things I already owned with a few new things (that I bought with a 40% coupon)....I'm coming along..

All this being said, I think gosh am I a prepper? Were my aunties and grandma really preppers?  Not in the same way as we would consider modern preppers.  But, they were prepared.  Was their life hard during the depression?  You betcha!  Do I think we will have another depression of some kind?  You betcha!

Will I have enough food? or skills to make it through tough times?  You betcha.  It's my job to carry on the family tradition of a strong woman.

I set this blog up originally for friends and family.  If you are reading this, you are in one of those categories.  I hope to be of encouragement to you in some way.  Will all my posts be about prepping?  No probably not....but I hope you will know that prepping is another word (at least in my vocabulary) is LIVING.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Grow $700 of Food in 100 Square Feet!

 This is a very interesting article.  It would be interesting to keep track to see how much money I would save. I think it would be a worth while project.

       Grow $700 of Food in 100 Square Feet!

Merry Christmas

Here's my Christmas card for you! made the littles laugh so hard.  Even Scottie just laughed and laugh....

I hope you make one of yourself and send to your friends.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Snow Day

As you can see...I made a photo thru the front door and this is what we had the first hour.

Ok, I've had my snow fix and now I'm done.  I hope it goes away soon.

We have about 2 inches now and it's still snowing
so I'll see what happens in the morning.

Clovis cancelled community college tonight.  We will see about tomorrow.

Stay warm!